OSM SEEDS is leading company of alfalfa and other forage seeds in Turkish market. We are a forage seeds producer and wholesaler for nearly 30 years. OSM SEEDS has reached every corner of Turkey with marketing network through common dealers.

Our company has accredited by National Seed Registration and Certification Center in 1998, and after that we started producing certified seeds. Each year we expanded our production capacity. Also we started our own breeding program in 2007 as a Private Research Company with our technical team.

Currently we are working on alfalfa and other forage seeds, grasses, field crops and turf grass seeds.

In addition to seed business we have production of alfalfa and straw bales and silage. For this purpose we established all our harvesting, loading, bailing machines and equipments. With our modern production technics we supply to our customers quality and high nutrition products.

Our vision is to contribute to the development of agriculture in Turkey and all other countries. Our mission is; a good research infrastructure, regional, national and international partnerships with quality seeds, feed and fertilizer suppliers and provide quality input to agriculture.